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Aust Grand Ch Rysup La Belle Lucie

What can I say about Belle that will do her justice?  Belle was my heart dog, that ~one~ dog everyone gets in their lifetime.  She was my best friend and my show dog, we loved each other unconditionally  Add to that, she was a supurb representative of her breed, the consumate show dog. Belle is also the dog who was taken from me well before her time.

Belle was the pick from our first litter.  She just stood out as being a stunning puppy.  Her record in the show ring backs that up.  She was a Champion at 10 months, and won her first Best in Group award the very next day.  She had classes in show all the way through, from Baby Puppy in Show all the way to the ultimate - Best in Show.  She was Australiasia's first Grand Champion Bitch in the breed, and had the title existed earlier she would have been amongst the youngest to ever gain the title as well.  In 1998 she was the first bitch to win both the Kendari Trophy & the Colijn Trophy in the same year.  She beat 7 top winning males to earn this achievement from the KCNSW.

Belle was retired at 3 years old, only returning to the ring to gain the last CC required for her Grand Champion title (dogs with over 1000 points had to win one more CC after 1/1/98).  She became a home body, but travelled with me everywhere.  Despite numerous attempts, we could never get her to hold a pregnancy.

28th December 2000 as I put the dogs to bed, I noticed that Belle was off colour.  I decided that if she was still not her normal self in the morning I would take her to the vets to be checked over.  The morning came and she was still down.  The vet ran some tests but said she was dehydrated and that was skewing the results.  He wanted to put her on a drip, and retest her in a few hours.  Being the faithful soul I am, we left her there and went about our day.  I never saw her again, and she passed away before the new tests were ordered.  Still to this day, I get teary thinking that she was all alone, in a strange place, when she passed away.

It turned out she had a silent pyometra.  She had no discharge, no smell, nothing to indicate she had an infection.  The toxins in her body caused her to go into renal failure, and this is what ultimately killed her.

We had her cremated and she now sits in my kitchen, watching over us all.

I think of you always. 
RIP baby girl, I will see you again one day.

Belle - 3 years old Belle - 16 months

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